TotePet™ Fold-Able Grafitti Carrier


TotePet™ Fold-Able Grafitti Carrier

  • Material: 100% cotton/Poly
  • Color: Drab
  • Print: Grafitti
  • Fit: 25-30lbs Pets

Available on backorder


This fold-able tote carrier specifically designed for the convenience of storage by Tunji Dada® is made of 70’s repurposed vintage army shelters. Grafitti by Tunji Dada®

This unique and versatile eco-friendly portable carrier is conceived to mimic the cargo hatch, your pet will willingly walk in.

A 10% of all sale proceeds will be donated to ASPCA. We welcome suggestions to other pet organization dear to you.

Artisan made in NYC. We follow and observe all environmental and ethical rules.

Note: Please allow up to 1-2 months for delivery from date of per-order.


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