TotePet™ Fold-Able Carrier


TotePet™ Fold-Able Carrier

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Material: 100% cotton/Poly
Color: Drab (Olive Green)
Print: Neutral
Fit: 25-30lbs Pets

This fold-able tote carrier specifically designed for the convenience of storage by Tunji Dada® is made of 70’s repurposed vintage army shelters.

This unique and versatile Eco-friendly portable carrier is conceived to mimic the cargo hatch, your pet will willingly walk in.

We will donate 10% of all sale proceeds to ASPCA. You may also suggest other pet organization clear to you.

Artisan made in NYC. We follow and observe all environmental and ethical rules.

Note: Please allow up to 1-2 months for delivery from date of per-order.


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